Our Services

Supplier Sourcing

We have presences in several raw material producing countries, as well as manufacturing nations, we help develop your business by finding the right supplier for you! Our skilled team is proficient at locating the best sources for the goods you require – ensuring your quality standards are met.

Maha Group has a vast network of businesses we work with, encompassing high quality small producers and some of the largest consumer goods manufacturers in the world. No matter what the requirement, we can build the supply chain of your needs, at the best prices and maintaining the highest standards.

Sales Support

As Maha Group has several years of experience in various marketplaces, we can help connect manufacturers to a range of clients around the world who are in the market for their products. If you are looking to expand into international export, we will find a customer for your goods!

Dealing with some of the largest retailers and e-commerce platforms around the world, we provide a one stop solution to international connection. Contact us to see the world of options we can open up to your business!

Logistical Support

With over two decades of experience, our logistics team is the best in the business at getting your goods delivered on time and in full. Our team will keep you updated in live time, so you can relax in the knowledge that your goods are tracked at every stage of the process.

With established logistical contacts around the world and years of experience in shipping between Asia, Europe and the America’s, there’s no task too complex for our team to handle.

Quality Control

We pride ourselves on delivering the standards expected – and our team ensures there are no snags in the process. With Maha Group, you are guaranteed the standards you expect. Our quality control includes initial testing, sample approvals and pre-loading checks – we pride ourselves on meeting the brief every time.

From basic requirements such as hygiene and safety standards, to special accreditations, we carry out a thorough checking process to ensure our clients are satisfied with their purchases.

Alongside quality control, we also keep up with the strictest social compliances by maintaining stringent standards throughout our network.