About Us

Maha Group was founded in 2001, in Karachi, Pakistan to help connect international client’s to the largest manufacturing industry in Pakistan – the textile trade. With generations of familial experience in the trade – from fiber to finished textiles – we were ideally placed to connect high quality local manufacturers with discerning clients abroad. 

From our origins in the cotton trade, we have expanded to other additional areas of the textile trade – along with other consumer goods. We have connected clients around the world with goods ranging from paper products to consumables like organic foods. We provide a a full range of services to connect all relevant stakeholders in consumer good’s supply chain. 

Since our inception over two decades ago, we have expanded to have offices in hubs around the world. Connecting the continent of Asia, from the far east to central Asia, we are ideally placed to source any product for your needs. 

After many successful years of being in the service industry, we are adept at finding efficient solutions to supply chain issues. We import and export from our home office in Pakistan, as well as sourcing goods from around Asia and Europe for European and American clients.