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It is indeed a pleasurable experience to reside in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. The government of Singapore is responsible for offering benefits to the citizens and the immigrants so as to make their stay in the city as smooth and comfortable as possible.

The quality of life of the people staying in this small island nation is as good as that of other developed Western cities. Due to the availability of world class infrastructure, first world environment and excellent health care facilities, this country is one of the preferred choices of the settlers. The quality of life index in Singapore is almost similar to that of England. People from all over the world are expected to flock to this country in large numbers because of fat salaries and superb services & benefits and of course low cost of commodities.

Benefits (as per provisions in Law)

INVESTMENTS, BUSINESS & WORK, PROPERTY OWNERSHIP, HEALTH INSURANCE, are just a few benefits to state the least.


  • Applicant age 45 years and above are eligible to apply for this program
  • Property ownership of 5 Lacs Singapore Dollar is mandatory
  • Liquid investment should be of 4 Lac Singapore Dollar OR should have evidence monthly income of 7000 Singapore Dollar.


This comprehensive package includes all the work that is to be done from start to end. The client provides the documentation while the rest is taken care by us.

  • Verification and attestation of documents
  • Compilation and submission
  • Setting up of Personal Guarantee and Sponsor
  • Assistance with setting up bank account
  • Visa stamping

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