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Since 2003, Maha Group is in real estate business and after enjoying successful ratio and excellence in Middle East, it did not rest on its laurels and in 2007 we stepped in Malaysia, being associated with well-known developers we became as exclusive agent in Pakistan.

Why Invest in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the Asia’s prime emerging property markets, and has much to offer worldwide property investors.

Economic Factors
  • Property growth in between 12% to 16% per annum.
  • A surge in economic activity has created high demand for quality commercial and residential property to serve a growing expatriate community.
  • Government incentives to ease foreign investment in Malaysia, including tax breaks and relaxation of laws governing foreign ownership of property.
  • Low cost of living compared with many other countries. Correspondingly low buying cost and maintenance cost.
  • High tenancy demand due to a strong tourist economy and an increase in commercial activity.
  • Malaysia is among the top three of all Commonwealth countries in terms of tourist arrivals.
  • Easy access to Malaysia via cheap flights from Asian cities.
  • Low rate of interest  for mortgage rate is between 4.5% to 5.5% *


Current projects

Coming soon.

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